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History & Origin

Kevin Bacon
Hood Dressing Original 1 Litre


Kevin Bacon’s is manufactured in Belgium and used widely across Europe – and the rest of the world. In Europe it is highly valued by prestigious trotting and racing stables as well as show jumping, eventing and dressage professionals.


The Kevin Bacon’s Hoof Dressing was formulated originally by vets, homeopaths and chemists to assist a horse which was suffering from an avulsion fracture of the front right heel. Following in depth research the 100% natural and traditional product based on animal fat, vegetable oil and fresh bay leaves was formed.


Kevin Bacon is the Australian internationally renowned show jumper - he represented Australia at the 1964, 1968 and 1976 Olympics as part of a team and as an individual. In 2000 he was awarded the Australian Sports Medal for his equestrian achievements. Upon discovering the marvellous qualities of the hoof dressing, he offered his name to the product and the Kevin Bacon's brand was born.


Practising farrier, Billy Crothers AWCF,  first heard of Kevin Bacon's hoof dressing in 1995.

Billy's wife Lucy, who was a 3 day eventer, had an advanced horse called Carousel VI (Sooty). Sooty had some rather tricky feet that were affected by the change in climate so severely that it became almost impossible to keep nailed shoes on. At certain times of the season Sooty had to wear shoes that were bonded on.

After talking with farrier colleague, Andy Reader Smith, who had been working in Germany and had experienced the benefits of the Kevin Bacon hoof dressing, Billy thought he had better try and find some and see if it would work for Sooty. Billy soon found that it wasn't available anywhere in the UK. 


A chance meeting at a farrier seminar in France Billy met Jean-Jacques Rahier - the owner and manufacturer of the Kevin Bacon hoofcare range. Billy returned home armed with a pot of Kevin Bacon's to try on Sooty's feet. After three months Billy and Lucy could not believe the change in the strength and suppleness of the hoof capsule.  Until this point Billy was not a great believer in any hoof ointments but was definitely won over by the dramatic improvements to feet that were almost impossible to manage.  As a result of  the continued use of Kevin Bacon hoof dressing Sooty's feet have improved dramatically and have frequently been used in many of  the Kevin Bacon adverts. Lucy is a firm believer that the Kevin Bacon Hoofcare products contributed to a sound and successful completion of Badminton Horse Trials in 2006. 


As Kevin Bacon Equine Care products were unavailable in the UK, Billy and Lucy, as Managing Directors of leading farrier supply company Handmade Shoes (UK) Ltd, became the sole distributors. The equine care range is now widely available throughout the UK and is recommended by many eminent farriers and vets as well as being available from all leading  tack shops.